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Material: Combination of gel and silicon

Sizes: Universal


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BackFist ClearGel:

Inner filler is a combination of gel and silicone

The protector is shaped exactly according to your teeth and jaw, so the protector will hold tight and will be comfortable.
The inner layer absorbs and dampens the impacts.
The outer, stronger layer covers the rest of the protector, making the teeth safe in all directions.


If the protector is long, you can shorten it with the scissors.



Shaping of protectors:


1. Heat the water in the kettle and pour it into the container.
2. Immerse the protector in water for about 45 seconds.
3. Rinse the protector under running room temperature water for approx. 1-2 seconds.
4. After licking your lips, place the protector in your mouth and, using a mirror, make sure it is in the correct position in the middle of your mouth.
5. Test and vacuum excess water and air from the guard. Leave it tested for about 40 seconds.
6. Remove the protector and immerse it in cold water for 5 minutes.
7. Check that the teeth are seated correctly.
8. If the guards do not fit properly, repeat steps 1 - 8 again.



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